cropped-screen-shot-2015-08-11-at-5-07-44-pm.pngJacky Voncken, a native of the Netherlands, enjoys her international professional career as an experienced leadership expert, agile strategy formation advisor, disruptive group facilitator, behavioural change trainer and executive coach.

Professional passion: Her passionate drive is to draw out the collective brilliance in people, resulting in a positive impact in leadership teams, sales teams and organisational systems in general. Co-creating a collectively shared purpose and designing an agile strategy within a rapidly changing world. Resulting in connected higher performance and renewal of mindsets and behaviours.

Clients: Jacky partners with clients in Europe, USA, Asia and across the globe (e.g. DSM, KONE, Saint-Gobain, Rabobank North America, UNICEF USA), large scale and small-scale businesses, governments and Social Enterprises. Her unique ability to connect and swiftly comprehend challenges on an (inter) personal and business context level allows her to collaborate within all levels of an organization system: from C-Suite / Board level all the way through to the deepest organizational level.

Creating something new: Through her leadership expertise, Jacky strives to facilitate a profound shift towards agile and resilient leadership comfortable with the new reality of disruption and constant change. She does this by collectively creating value through high engagement within the spirit of open-minded, courageous conversations that naturally and strongly connect with self, the team, the environment, strategy and shared purpose. Energizing teams and organizations for high impact, supported by sustainable behavioral change and renewed business focus. ‘Creating something new’ in the areas of both operational excellence and innovation.

Business experience: In 2013, Jacky ended the long-term employment of a leading global training & consultancy firm in behavioral change to start her own company, Jacky Voncken Global Leadership Performance, in addition to becoming a Senior Associate with Generon International. She fully enjoys the entrepreneurial challenges and typically collaborates in a trusted network of clients and entrepreneurs to serve the client the best way possible.

Prior to her leadership behavioral change experience, Jacky drew her expertise from a 10+ years professional business career (1994- 2006) in the aviation world respectively as an international aviation consultant, leader of the communications department of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and Corporate/Company Secretary to the Board of Schiphol Group.

Educational background: Jacky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (1988), a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences (University of Amsterdam, 1993), and specializes in intercultural awareness and diversity and inclusion, which she often integrates into her leadership programs. In addition, Jacky is an experienced “horse whisperer “(natural horsemanship by Monty Roberts). Upon request, she blends this dynamic experiential biofeedback workshop – ‘Leadership Awareness Empowered by Horses’ — into her clients’ leadership programs.

Country of residence: Jacky’s home base is in the countryside of the Netherlands close to the dunes, the North Sea and Amsterdam, where she lives with her partner. She has lived in New York City numerous times, in South Africa for a number of years, and still travels the world to serve clients. She considers herself to be a global citizen in heart and spirit.

Worldview: Fuelled by an infinite curiosity, Jacky finds delight in exploring human consciousness — how personal belief systems shape people’s behaviors, worldviews, and ability to transform from within, connecting this with the current disruptive business reality. Her main values lay in joy, freedom and benevolence embedded in a mindset of growth, abundance, sharing and collaboration.

Facilitation style: Her clients appreciate her facilitation style as being energetic, highly interactive, practical with impact, empathically tough, kindly clear in feedback and reflections, profound in providing transformational learning insights and experiences, and often out-of-comfort zone.