Let’s make it happen! Some examples of business propositions:

Below are some examples of business partnership propositions for renewed leadership systems, applicable in a sales, management and leadership context within all disciplines, sectors and industries. All propositions are co-created to tailor-made high impact pragmatic development programs within the client’s context and challenges.

Vision and Strategy formation: making things happen

  • Creating new realities through agile vision and disruptive strategy formation
  • Identifying strategic drivers and short term must win battles to successfully executive your strategy
  • Touching hearts and minds: highly engaging strategy implementation and an empowered culture of ownership

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: dare to renew

  • Inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset within your organizational system
  • Empowering people and (intercultural) teams through a mindset of diversity and inclusion
  • Driving for growth, renewal and innovation in your organization (mindset: failing forward)

High Performance: have the right conversations

  • Creating a sustainable learning organization through courageous conversations and behavioral change
  • Energize for high performance and individual development (agile performance reviews)
  • Learn to engage in bold and courageous conversations with all stakeholders

Inspire for Growth: dare to connect

  • Facilitative leadership: lead with clarity, kindness and tough empathy (individuals, teams, organizations)
  • Connected Team journeys and team performance sessions: the Speed of Trust
  • Facilitating conflict resolution interventions towards breakthrough solutions and shared goals

Executive Coaching/Mentoring: design your life

  • Transforming stress, fear and uncertainty into thriving new mindsets and behaviors: team and individual
  • Designing and implementation of global mentoring programs including reversed / cross mentoring
  • Various Train-the-trainer, Train-the-coach programs

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