Jacky enjoys a long-term partnership with Annemarie Silvius van der Toorn

Annemarie van der Toorn is a native of the Netherlands, a mother of two children and an expert in the field of leadership and team building. In addition, Annemarie is a leading horse trainer in the Netherlands and internationally. She loves to inspire people toward change and challenges them to surpass their own excellence.

Professional passion: Annemarie is unceasingly happy to draw the maximum out of all professional situations. Her key goal is to work towards the intrinsic motivation of individuals in all situations. She exercises co-creation and raises the bar to work towards the best results. She skillfully uses her expertise in the subtleties non-verbal communication

Clients: Annemarie partners with numerous organizations both in the Netherlands and internationally. She works with commercial small companies and multinationals (e.g. Rabobank International, IBN, Vopak, DHL, Randstad, Shell, Krauthammer International plus the Government of Belgium)

Business Experience: In 1992, Annemarie started her business and worked for more than 15 years as a change and reorganization manager. Working in many different companies and in demanding situations she developed her expertise. In 2007 she become known in Holland for her work with horses and their behavior problems. In 2013 she launched an education program for people to become instructors in Horses and their behaviour, which is the first of its kind and (proudly) acknowledged education for behavior of horses in the world.

Educational background: In 1980 she received her diploma as a nurse. She then earned a degree in Management and Leadership. She participated in many leadership and change management courses.

Worldview: Being an expert on non-verbal communication, which is an equal playing field for all, she views the world as one. She loves to challenge herself and engages that passion lovingly with the people she meets. She approaches people with equality and openness. Everyone desires to learn and make changes, as long as we understand what the other needs to feel safe in order to take the steps necessary.