Patries Boekholt, Managing Director, Technopolis Group

Jacky Voncken is an excellent coach and leadership trainer. I first met Jacky in 2009 when she was a leadership trainer supporting me in my new role as CEO of the Technopolis Group . Her direct approach of asking the ‘difficult questions’ helped me to have a better perspective on my strengths as well as… Read More

Caroline van den Elsen, Directeur Talent en Werk, IBN

Jacky is a professional trainer with lots of experience in the field of leadership development programs. As organization we have been working with Jacky for a several years now and we are very pleased with her professionalism and her approach. She comprehends the needs of our organization and Jacky is able to help people with… Read More

Gonzalo Gonzalez, VB Unit Platform Release Manager KONE Corp USA

It is more than a pleasure, it is an honor to provide a recommendation to Jacky Voncken. I’ve first met Jacky in the opportunity of a life time during a leadership building journey of 9 months. Jacky has truly given me a gift, not only on building my personal brand but in finding the balance… Read More

Rick Pannemann, Talent Management / Training & Development Professional

While serving as Director Talent Management in the U.S., I partnered with Jacqueline to co-deliver a training to a group of sales & marketing professionals at DSM. Jacqueline was a joy to work with: thoroughly engaging with the audience, flexible in her delivery style, authentic in her presentation and passionate about the subject matter. I… Read More

Ruud Schiffer, Areva

Jacqueline is a very skilled trainer who brings the best out of everyone attending her training. Although a little sceptic when I went to the first one I became very enthousiastic about the training and the way she handled the various aspects of it. A must for managers dealing with people who are reluctant to… Read More

Jason Huggins, Managing Director at Uniface UK Ltd.

Jacqueline has been highly proficient in her delivery as a leadership expert. She demonstrates a deep working knowledge of her domain and is able to effectively communicate those skills to others. Jacqueline is clearly very passionate about her work, resulting in it being very instrumental in enhancing the leadership skills of the varied delegates she… Read More

Mira Rantanen, Global Training Program Manager at KONE, Finland

I have had the pleasure of working together with Jacky on one of our key leadership development programs for several years. Her special ability to engage the participants on a personal learning journey is consistently and greatly valued in the program feedback, too.

Bert-Jan Ter Hofte, Exploring co-creator at The Thrive – Energising People | Activating Business – change – leadership development

Jacqueline is structured and well-organized person with a passion for others and human connections. I would recommend hiring her for anything connected to intercultural communication, management/leadership development programs that combine structure (‘blue world’) and human connections (‘green world’) and she is a great colleague to co-operate with. Jacky combines practicality & stress resistance with curiosity… Read More